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Discover the potential of design thinking and our comprehensive digital services. Collaborate with us and industry-leading technology players and service providers to create personalized experiences that drive your business forward.

Want to Get Ahead in With Tailored Technological Advantage?

At the heart of our operation lies a dynamic blend of cutting-edge social research and meticulous business and market analysis. By harnessing these powerful tools, we empower businesses to seize opportunities, make informed decisions, and leave an indelible mark on their industries.

Internet Information Technology

IT Outsourcing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is You Have Us

Automation Services

Digital process automation streamlines business processes. It connects apps, data, and services and boosts the team’s productivity with cloud flows.

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Our expert team creates solutions for businesses to automate their processes. These include:
Streamline your business with digital process automation: Connect your apps, data, and services and boost your team’s productivity with cloud flows—the digital process automation (DPA) using Microsoft Power Automate.
Automate your desktop: Connect your apps, data, and services and boost your team’s productivity with cloud flows—the digital process automation (DPA) using Microsoft Power Automate.
Understand and improve your processes: Simplify how you work by discovering workflow bottlenecks and automation opportunities using process advisor, the process, and task mining in Microsoft Power Automate.
Bring AI to automation with AI Builder: Create intelligent automation and find insights by building tailored AI models within Power Automate.

Blockchain Development

EVM-compatible smart contract development services. Blockchains we work with include but are not limited to: Ethereum, Polygon, Celo, Avalanche, and Binane.

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Blockchain development refers to the creation of decentralized, secure, and transparent digital ledger systems that use blockchain technology. This includes the development of decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and custom blockchain solutions for businesses and organizations.

At Catalyst, we offer EVM-compatible smart contract development services. We work with blockchains that include but are not limited to Ethereum, Polygon, Celo, Avalanche, and Binance.
Smart contracts can be developed to do anything like deliver loans and insurance with the chain currency, to connecting with real-world data through oracles and manage data transparently on the chain. At Catalyst, we have the capability to develop smart contract applications in a variety of industry applications. However, our expertise is in BFSI, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing sectors.

EVM Smart Contract Development: Catalyst creates custom smart contracts for clients on EVM-compatible blockchains. These can create a variety of products, from insurance to identity management and more.

Oracle Creation and Integration: We have the capability to create custom oracles or integrate with existing oracles in order to bring real-world data to the blockchain. This will allow for the management of real world data for applications like supply chain and manufacturing.

Business Applications

CRM development and management services to streamline business processes, and customized ERP software implementation to coordinate the data flow.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementation is required to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential prospective customers. At Catalyst, we can help with CRM development and management services that you need to grow your business and increase profitability through connected customer experience and streamlined business processes for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation and helps organizations automate and manage core business processes for optimal performance by linking a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resources activities on one platform. We can help with customized ERP software implementation for you to coordinate the flow of data between your business processes, thus providing a single source of truth and streamlining operations across the enterprise.
EAGLE—Catalyst has developed in-house an integrated solution for Customer Hub, Procurement, Inventory & Warehouse, Production, Order, Logistics & Delivery Management Systems with customizable Reporting & Dashboards.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems such as the following:

Finance System using MS Dynamics 365 Business Central,
Telematics system using Samsara for efficient route planning, delivery, order and vehicle tracking, and Route Optimization using Google Maps.
Payment Systems using Moneris
SMS Marketing using Twilio and True Dialog
Salient features of monitoring and business analytics to help you better manage your inventory and automate tracking operations to save time and money.
Marketing operations may be simplified by synchronizing databases, communication, web administration, and operations with our cloud-based system.

Automate daily tasks, including tracking abilities, and get an overview of your finances and operations, to be able to tap into real-time information anytime and anywhere.

Eagle system enables employees and organizations to have a unified view of inventory, warehousing, production, service, finance, and CRM with predictive analytics that transforms data into insights to support smarter strategic decisions. Our system focuses on guaranteeing long-term sustainability and a solid return on investment.

Technology Focus:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Power Automate
Azure / AWS Deployment of your cloud choice.

Software as a Service

Our SaaS offerings is a cost-effective and convenient way for businesses to access applications and stay up-to-date with the latest ESG measures.

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Our SaaS offerings are a cost-effective and convenient way for businesses to access applications and stay up-to-date with the latest ESG measures.

The Catalyst carbon calculator can be used to quantify soil carbon stored in agriculture operations anywhere in the world.

A user interface where users can input information to receive carbon numbers.

An API that larger companies can use to run analysis at scale

Consulting Services

Consulting services across carbon farming; Web 3.0 strategy; optimization and validation; digital experience; E2E customer experience optimization; back office business process transformation.

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Our team of experts offers consulting services in a wide range of areas ranging from Web 3.0 strategy to CX optimization to enhanced digital experience.
Web 3.0 strategy: We can help companies to build a web 3.0 strategy by walking them through their blockchain options, and pricing, and creating plans for migrating existing solutions to the blockchain.
Optimization and Validation Services: The Catalyst team does on-site collaboration with your team for conducting detailed reviews and assessments of key processes to bridge the gap between implementation and operational efficiency. We offer recommendations to optimize the performance, reliability, and scalability of your information infrastructure; and evaluate for a detailed analysis and validation of the health of your deployment. Also, we offer expert guidance and operational best practices to maximize efficiency.
Digital Experience (DX): Customer experience is often narrowed down to digital experience. And though we see the former as being wider, we also give much value to an online journey your customers take within the website.
We investigate user experience, report on the flaws in usability and map a positive customer journey.
When we see an opportunity for a tailored experience, we apply on-site personalization. Here, we develop an approach carefully to be helpful, not overtly salesy.
E2E Customer Experience (CX) Optimization: We have a tailor-made customer experience (CX) strategy for you to walk customers smoothly all the way from discovery to loyalty. This includes:
Customer acquisition
Customer engagement
Customer conversion
After-sale communication
Recurrent purchases
Cross-Sell/UpSell Opportunities
Backoffice Business Process Transformation: Back office functions are just as important, and must be well executed for a business to be successful, and improving operational efficiency is a key driver for increasing profits in challenging markets. We help companies in
Procurement planning: No stock-outs and back orders
Inventory & Warehousing: Quick dispatching and effective omnichannel delivery management
Personalized Dashboards & reporting: Customer experience consistent with their expectations
Personalized Marketing: No time wasted on irrelevant interaction with your company, both during a digital journey and after-sale communication
Sales management: No delays and interruptions in transaction processing
Customer support: Quick case resolution and a personalized approach


Doing DevSecOps right could mean some fundamental changes to how organizations approach both software development and IT operations. We help businesses raise security standards without impeding workflows.

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Every day new types of cybersecurity attacks arise, you need to harden your development environment and software supply chain by integrating security early in the development cycle. DevSecOps is a collection of technologies, techniques, and even mindsets that work together to increase velocity, while also enhancing security, at every layer of the software development process. Depending on how far an organization is down the path of application modernization, doing DevSecOps right could mean some fundamental changes to how your organization approaches both software development and IT operations.

DevSecOps includes activities and operations of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring along with introducing security earlier in the software development cycle.

We render high-quality customized DevOps consulting services. Boost your project and implement the best Agile practices such as Cl/CD, DevSecOps, and GitOps from Catalyst.

Mobile Apps

We can develop apps in React/Angular Native for both Android and iOS. These apps range from basic information apps to GIS-capable apps that allow for satellite imagery to be visualized.

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Our team can develop apps in React/Angular Native which will allow them to be used for both Android and iOS. These apps range from basic information apps to customized GIS-capable apps that allow for satellite imagery to be visualized. We also develop desktop apps simultaneously with mobile apps.

We do full-service maintenance for any apps we build.

This includes uptime, scaling infrastructure up and down to optimize for usage, pushing updates, etc.

Carbon Footprint Auditing

Carbon footprint auditing across multiple industries. We help simplify the capture, analysis, and reporting of all ESG data related to your business and help you with your sustainability goals.

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The Catalyst team has extensive experience in the carbon farming sector and collaborates with some of the best in the industry to help deliver customized services for clients.

Carbon farming: We help companies looking to generate carbon credits to explore options, understand protocols for both compliance and voluntary markets, as well as actually set up the tools and processes necessary to generate these carbon credits. We consult with companies looking to buy carbon credits by evaluating nature-based protocols and projects that they are looking to purchase.

Carbon Footprint Auditing: Our team of experts offers carbon footprint auditing across multiple industries — everything from individual farmers to supply chains and manufacturers. We help simplify the capture, analysis, and reporting of all ESG data related to your business and help you with your sustainability goals.

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